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Can I Buy Bitcoin In My IRA?

Many people have heard about the blockchain or bitcoin. Some view it as a technology that could change finance the way that the internet changed commerce. Others look at it as "internet money" that is unproven and silly. While bitcoin is a new currency that was introduced in 2009, it's price has quickly appreciated to currently trade at about $1,850 per Bitcoin. Here's a screenshot from Coin Market Cap ( of the price a  ..

Three Tax Benefits For People Over 65

Three Tax Deductions for People 65 or Older As you approach retirement you may find that your taxes increase. This is common for many people as they move closer to paying off their mortgage, are hit by Alternative Minimum Tax and usually no longer have qualifying dependents. The loss of these tax benefits can result in a significant increase in taxes owed, depending on your income tax bracket. While tax software programs such as TurboTax can be great for tax preparation they typical ..

Do I Need a Trust?

Life isn't eternal. At least not yet. Until big pharma creates that magic elixir we have to come to terms with the inevitable. A big part of thinking about death, particularly if you have kids, is laying instructions for who gets your possessions and when. If you've started investigating how to build an estate plan you may have come across the term "trust." Having a trust can be incredibly beneficial, depending on what you use it for. This article will walk your through w ..

401k Rollover Mistakes

If you have worked at several employers, then you may have more than one 401(k) plan. Keeping track and managing those plans can be a real challenge. Each plan has it’s own statements, investments, fees and changes to keep track of. If you don’t keep up with the information your investments may under perform or you could pay higher fees than necessary. One way to avoid being overwhelmed when it comes to managing your 401(k) plans is to roll the funds into an Indivi ..

2017 1st Quarter Commentary

INVESTOR SENTIMENT Investor sentiment is one of the most elusive and obscure of major stock market indicators and yet, one of the most powerful forces in moving market prices. Also, sentiment can change quickly as happened immediately after the November 8 election. Most traditional sentiment indices (such as those of the University of Michigan, the Conference Board, AAII bull/bear ratio and Sentiment Trader) registered a rise in bullish sentiment immediately after the el ..

Medicare Advantage Vs. Medigap

What Does A Medicare Advantage Plan Cover? If you didn’t sign up for Medicare when you were initially eligible to, then your chance to do so is during the annual “General Enrollment Period” from January 1st to March 31st. After you are enrolled your new coverage will go into effect on July 1st. If you have never enrolled in Medicare or are looking at adding supplemental coverage on top of your traditional Medicare policies, then your choices and the process can be ..

6 Things You Didn't Know About ETFs

ETFs have grown in popularity over the past few years as prices have come down and access to different asset classes has become more readily available. If you're thinking of investing in ETFs, or if you already have them in your portfolio and want to expand your knowledge in the area, then this article is for you. Below, you can find what exactly ETFs are, as well as six facts that you probably didn't know before. What are ETFs? An ETF ..

Trump the Economy & Investment Opportunities

What Does the Trump Win Mean For the Stock Market and Economy? If you’re like the people who helped crash Canada’s immigration site ( on Tuesday evening, then you’re probably concerned about what the future will hold. Trump’s election comes at a very significant time for our country. Despite the short-term euphoria in the stock market yesterday, many problems and opportunities remain to be navigated.  ..

Successfully Find Your Investment Advisor

An investment advisor can hold the same significance as a lawyer or doctor. You’re unlikely to make a complex legal decision correctly without the guidance and help of a lawyer. Similarly, it’s not probable you’ll have a profitable and long lasting investment portfolio without using an investment advisor for help. Your need for help may arise at any point when you find yourself standing at a financial turning point in life. You may require the services of an in ..

How Much Should I Pay My Financial Advisor

How Much Should I Pay My Financial Advisor? There are times in your life when you will need a financial advisor. That person can help you make the right decision with regards to financial products or investments and steer you to the strategy that is right for you. Good financial advice is not free, and while there is no shortage of free information, often spending money to get professional advice will save you time money in the long run. Some decisions are too big to make on your o ..



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