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      Fourth Quarter Commentary

      By: Bob Long 2016 FOURTH QUARTER COMMENTARY "Doubt is not a pleasant condition, but certainty is an absurd one" (Voltaire) STOCK MARKET While the current longā€tern secular bull market that began in 2009 remains intact with broadening participation, doubters remain numerous and outspoken as the general stock market price advance enters its eighth year. Predictions of a market crash, if not Armageddon, are still  ..

      2016 3rd Quarter Commentary

      For PDF copy click here ( BULL MARKETS Of the nine bull markets since 1926, the four that most resemble the current bull market continued for 13.9 years, 15.1 years, 12.9 years and 12.8 years, for an average of 13.7 years. Thus, when you hear that the stock market recovery that started in 2009 is getting “a little old in the tooth,” remember that bull markets do not die of old age. T ..