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      2017 1st Quarter Commentary

      INVESTOR SENTIMENT Investor sentiment is one of the most elusive and obscure of major stock market indicators and yet, one of the most powerful forces in moving market prices. Also, sentiment can change quickly as happened immediately after the November 8 election. Most traditional sentiment indices (such as those of the University of Michigan, the Conference Board, AAII bull/bear ratio and Sentiment Trader) registered a rise in bullish sentiment immediately after the el ..

      2016 3rd Quarter Commentary

      For PDF copy click here ( BULL MARKETS Of the nine bull markets since 1926, the four that most resemble the current bull market continued for 13.9 years, 15.1 years, 12.9 years and 12.8 years, for an average of 13.7 years. Thus, when you hear that the stock market recovery that started in 2009 is getting “a little old in the tooth,” remember that bull markets do not die of old age. T ..


      By: Bob Long, CFA Each year since 2011, various technical analysts have been declaring the current, long-running secular bull market over. These negative voices have grown louder this year as stock prices in several sectors have peaked and the stock market breadth has narrowed. Some argue that we are near the end when only the FANG shares (Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and Google) are hitting new highs and a bear market is just around the corner. We, however, see few ..