Patrick Walsh

Patrick Walsh is President and Chief Compliance Officer of Westbourne Investments Inc.  He previously held the same positions with Ariba Asset Management, a predecessor investment advisory firm, prior to the merger with Westbourne in 2012.

Pat was a founding partner of Mercury Capital Management in 1996,  Primarily responsible for technology and operations.   Focused on investing in technology and the burgeoning internet companies, the firm grew from a start up to managing over 80 million in a short amount of time.   In 1999 Mercury Capital merged with Goodwyn & Long to form GLB Group.  In 2000 Rick Picon, Robert Long and Patrick Walsh formed a strategic partnership with Peter Gilsey and later merged to form Ariba Asset Management.  Pat has focused on technology, operations and compliance throughout his career and continues to do so with Westbourne Investments.

To speak with  Pat, call 703-962-1650.